What are Innovation workshops?

Innovation workshops or creative problem solving sessions enable business to rapidly prototype products, solve intractable problems or simply establish the next steps – risk free.

There are many Design Thinking methodologies in existence but we have found that the Design Sprint format and workshops grounded in these techniques, have the best and most rapid outcomes.

During Covid-19 we have also taken steps to enable our workshops to be conducted remotely, maintaining the collaborative nature and ensuring the same strong results.


What is Design Sprint ?

Design Sprint is a 5 day process for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

It was developed at Google Ventures by design engineers, including Jake Knapp, and was perfected across their portfolio of start-ups.

Now some years later, the Design Sprint has been adapted, adopted and used across thousands of innovative businesses across the globe.

What does a 5 day Design Sprint look like?


Determine the problem and and choose a key area to focus the sprint upon.


Collaboratively sketch solutions to the focus of the problem being solved.


Democratically vote for and then storyboard the best solution to the problem.


Using the fully finalised storyboard, develop a basic prototype.


Test the prototype with the target audience & understand how it works.

How we conduct workshops

Onsite Workshops

During Covid-19 our onsite workshops have been suspended but we can typically host a 7-10 person workshopping team.

Innovation Workshops
Online Workshops

We have redeveloped our workshops to be conducted online using a range of collaborative whiteboarding tools such as:

We can custom build workshops for you

We can tailor make workshops for your business, reducing the 5 day sprint to a 2 day sprint, or facilitating a business priority workshop.

Our facilitation skills can adapt to accommodate your requirements, simply drop us a message below and let’s see what we can innovate.

Contact us for a no commitment discussion on running a Design Sprint or Design Sprint training for your business