What is Research & Development Tax Relief?

In 2000 the British Government introduced a scheme to incentivise scientific and technological innovation, and reward those companies through tax relief.

For small to medium-sized enterprises, Research and Development (R&D) tax relief can allow companies to:

Research and Development
Research & Development

But how can my business be eligible?

Spending money developing or improving new products, services, or processes qualifies your business for Research and Development tax relief.

Regardless of your industry or sector, innovative businesses can make an R&D claim and be rewarded with either a cash payment or a reduction in your corporate tax bill. 

Many companies do not even realise that what they’re doing qualifies them to make a R&D application.

Does making a claim affect my tax profile?

No, making a claim via will not affect the ongoing tax relationship with HMRC.

we partner with a team of dedicated R&D tax specialists, who practice nothing other than Research Development tax relief. This accredited team have an extremely high success rate and do not incur any unwanted attention from HMRC, for any of their clients. 

Be rest assured, our intentions are to help you realise your innovation potential and to optimise your revenue.

Business activities you can claim for:

Tax Activities

Costs that are eligible for a claim:

Eligible Costs

What can I claim for?

There are many activities and costs that are eligible. Our R&D tax expert partners will assess your business and find the point at which the innovation process started and map the entire journey.

First, a team of technical Research & Development tax relief experts will work with you to assess your degree of eligibility.

Once this has been established, a team of R&D tax relief specialists will meticulously compile your application, ensuring that all qualifying activities, and eligible costs are included and justified.

This thorough process ensures that you minimise the risk of an incomplete claim and maximise the tax relief due to you.

Contact us for a no commitment discussion on your companies Research & Development Tax Relief eligibility